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Traffic Dynamics and Simulation (Master) SS 2021

(former lecture "Verkehrsdynamik und -simulation, SS ≤2019)"


(2021-07-30) Due to a hint from a student, I realized that the pdf of the Lecture 05 slides was outdated. I replaced it with an up-to-date one.

(2021-07-29) The exam will take place in written form at the TU Dresden, Tue Aug. 03, 08:00 at the Potthoff building, room POT 13. Further information on the exam

(2021-07-10) The exam will be taken by physical presence at the TU Dresden. Details follow shortly. If somebody cannot attend, please contact me

(2021-07-10) Several new lecture videos and solutions online; only one is still missing: Lecture 11 on microscopic pedestrian models. (Lecture 10 on lane changing and the lectures on apploications will not be relevant this year)

(2021-07-10) All tutorials and solutions that are relevant for the exam are online. Also online is Tutorial 10 on lane changing and 13 on fuel/emissions which are not relevant for the exam but may be interesting for those not only learning for the exam ;-)

(2021-05-28) Several new tutorials and solutions online

(2021-05-27) New lecture slides for Lecture 06: First-order Macroscopic Models and Lecture 07: Second-order Macroscopic Models and online. The slides for Lecture 07 are heavy on math and only the first three sections are treated.

(2021-05-26) New lecture videos and slides for Lecture 05: Macroscopic Models, are online

(2021-05-07) Unfortunately, I forgot to update the Opal learning group subscriptions, so there now is a mixture of old and new students and I do not know who is who. So please subscribe to the new group learning group traffic dynamics SS 2021

(2021-04-27) The second lecture and new tutorials are online

(2021-04-20) The first English tutorials are online

(2021-04-19) The first Online lecture is online

(2021-03-31) Until further notice, the lecture will be held as a virtual lecture this summer semester.

(2021-03-31) The Lecture slides are online. Their titles also serve as an overview of the tentative curriculum

(2021-03-31) The full curriculum is also included in the textbook Traffic flow dynamics (Springer, 2013, also available as an e-book). However, the material to be provided on this site will also cover the whole course (Also available in German: Treiber/Kesting, Verkehrsflussdynamik, Springer, 2010)

(2021-03-31) The first tutorials are online

(2021-03-31) Many points of my lecture can be interactively simulated online at my simulator traffic-simulation.de

(2021-03-31) A good example of a math model describing societal things is the hot topic of simulating the Corona infection spread dynamics. For this, I have set up an interactive Covid-19 simulator and also a series of videos (mostly in German)
While only marginally traffic related, these videos of my Econometrics course give a good example of mathematical models and what you can do with them

(general) Starting with the summer semester 2020, this Master's course will be delivered in English. The German script will still be available


This year, the examination will take place as usual as a written test on Tue, Aug. 03, 08:00 - 10:00 at the Potthoff building, room POT 13.
Notice: The exam language is English. However, unusual words will also be given [in brackets] in German.


All what is relevant are
This means, there will be no microscopic pedestrian models and no application topics, this year


Notice I: It is probably a good idea to try understand all the in-slide questions ( orange "?" or text) and check the given answers ( green "!" or text). You may also check old examinations and their solutions (in German). Notice that this year's examination is likely to have more, but easier questions

Notice II: It is also a good idea to check the relevant tutorial questions including the given solutions

Notice III: Finally, not only for those two taking the exam orally, a list of typical questions that may come up in oral exams may be of interest.

What to bring:

  • Pocket calculator
  • Lecture notes in English or German
  • Tutorials including solutions
  • The textbook Traffic Flow Dynamics or Verkehrsdynamik und -simulation (German).
Notice: The fact that you can essentially use anything (with the exception of tour neighbor or the internet) does not necessarily mean that the exam will be a piece of cake [wird leicht sein]. It definitely will not be a simple "copy-and-past" exercise.

Lecture Overview

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Lecture slides Lectures and simulation demos Dr. Martin Treiber
Tutorial Problems and solutions also at the video channel of this lecture Dr. Martin Treiber


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Lecture Notes



The complete course (and more) is covered by each of the following textbooks:
M. Treiber and A. Kesting
Traffic Flow Dynamics
Springer, 2013, XII+503 pages, 194 illus. (54 in color), hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-642-32459-8

M. Treiber und A. Kesting
Verkehrsdynamik und -simulation: Daten, Modelle und Anwendungen der Verkehrsflussdynamik
Springer-Lehrbuch, 2010, XII, 368 S. 176 Abb., 56 in Farbe., Softcover ISBN: 978-3-642-05227-9

Hint: within the TU Dresden domain, you can buy your personal discounted softcover copy at link.springer.com It costs less than half the regular price. In contrast to the regular one, it ships with b/w figures, though.

Martin Treiber